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887D is only available for Braddom
Shioner 74Y from Diesel Online Store     That is the real color:     Shioner 74Y and Safado 8YM       Shioner 74Y fit and look amazing... tomorrow i will make picture in sunlight   ....the denim quality is similar to 8YM but with more details
hello,   I bought yesterday Thavar 886B, in real looks 886B much better, i really like them! And monday comes my Shioner 74Y pictures come....  
i ordered yesterday shioner 74Y in diesel online store. I can make pics if they arrive
Hmm Tepphar 68z on Cultizm look not so good and for 285€ i`m disappointed   Shioner 74Y look good, but i need length 34
Larkee-T is a tapered cut similar to darron
Larkee-T 68Z
886A Black Fading Darron/ Tepphar 68Z Brown Wrinkles Larkee-T / Tepphar 74Y Blue Resin Shioner / Larkee 886B Black Drumming Thavar 886P Blue Bakery Krooley / Safado 887D Brown Bone Braddom
you mean 68Z !   wash 68Z comes for Larkee-T and Tepphar  
I wear size 32 in Diesel and bought the DBG "Pantiscot" in Size 48!   The brown Pantiscot looks darker in real
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