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Kakee 883V            
another blue eyecon   it look like a dark 8X2, very nice   Darron 809V        
same here
Older Diesel Jeans has Washcode with 3 numbers.... and Zathan 75W does not exist   sry but it is a fake jeans
make pictures when you receive it, then we know it :-)
I think Darron 8PN has not the details, how Shioner 8PN....  when you see the details on Shioner has the darron on the pics of bootz.com completely nothing of that.... i am missing the squares...     Shioner 8PN    
i am not sure, but i think it is fake...  can you say me the wash code? It stands on the silver flag inside the jeans.... the beginning is TESS.00T00100xxx and the last 3 is the Wash code   greet
    Darron 882F
......you can buy it for a 30% discount, at time are all size available Kids Krooley 886b http://store.diesel.com/de/regular-slim-carrot_cod42255859gq.html
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