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Koolter 8C3
please make pics
Thanaz 882H http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/42193719WJ/mm/125   Thavar 882G http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/42193751BC/mm/125   Zatiny 882F http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/42193724UM/mm/125
    i`m sure, it is definitely Spring Summer Collection   880G is a Winter wash but ist comes SS12 for other cuts, 74Y, 885R, 886P, 887D, 886B are new washes for Summer, and no wash from Winter Collection  
no, but it look interesting, like the color...
Thavar 886B     Shioner 74Y     Braddom 887D     Thavar 886B and Shioner 74Y at Wishlist ;-)
PRE-ORDER ONLY- ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE OCT. 15TH   here the first denim upcoming Spring Summer 2012 Season:   Safado 886P http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20safado%20886p.htm   Safado 885R http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20safado%20885r.htm   Shioner 74Y http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20safado%20885r.htm   Krooley 880G http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20krooley%20880g.htm   Fraceex...
i think too, its a preview order for ss12! Bread and Butter is a Fashion event in Berlin to present SS12 Collection and the picture is from there....       but which i ask myself !   why has probusnyc now a pair of Diesel Spring Summer Jeans ?
I hope european stores becomes they first, october is a long time i can not wait! It would be my first shioner..... what is the different from Shioner and Thavar only the rise?    
YES! What a amazing wash i am in love. remember me at wash 8YM in lighter........ I hope this wash comes for Safado or Thavar     MUST HAVE!
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