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THAVAR-NE 0603L Jogg Jeans http://store.diesel.com/de/joggjeans_cod36428802fm.html    
http://fashion.engelhorn.de/marken/diesel/diesel-herren-jeans-thavar--86236--170009--83/   i would buy them but they do not have length 34
Thavar 821C with amazing 3D effect!  
Belther 818V blue       Belther 818V grey  
ok then sorry!.... but at first view it look like a fake diesel
sure that is a original Diesel Koolter 8Y9?    ..........i know the 8y9 is a turbo denim and every Jeans has in the age his own style, but not so
Safado 817H http://store.diesel.com/us/straight_cod36428313ls.html                   hope Shioner 817H comes for the european marketplace :P
Excellent! Let me know, if you get 817h! but become you also length 34? or only 30 32? greet
very nice @dieselolic
Shioner 817H 32x34 ? Darron 803W 32x34 ? Diesel Black Gold Excess 8ML W32 ?
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