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Sorry, is sold!
Belther 835K http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36554811av.html
Thavar -D http://www.store.diesel.co.jp/jp/パンツ_cod36539942co.html
@ fresh and straychev Do you get in 834b your normal waist or size down? Thx
Yes it's Darron 809V
I would say it's Krooley 806P
The next spam
Krayver 818I
Very nice Aahz
Laces, Leather/rubber sole, Visible logo , Sueded Composition: Calf leather Wear them 2 times, like new! Bought them for 260€ on diesel.com, here can you get it for a small price Shipping: Germany 7€ EU: 15€ World: 20€ Payment: paypal or Bank tranfer
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