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i would say it is not a fake, sure in diesel makes not 8X2 in Viker! but these is a Prototype Jeans you see it on the tag ! Diesel make the washes in different cuts and then decides with which cut with which wash goes in production But why the hell has this guy a Prototype Jeans they are very rare 
  nice fit looks great ! I would buy also my first tepphar, but i am not sure about the size in Tepphar should i go with the normal waist or size up? Did you go with your normal size?
at the moment ugly and boring washes!
excellent as always dieselolic
Tepphar 8Y0 in 32x34 ?
@phukette I like your Outfit.... thumbs up
ugly wash
Great outfits dieselolic! I got my shioner 817h yesterday and i really love them! Its the best wash this season
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