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Sleenker 824Z
Shioner 824Y
DNA Mutation Collection Spring Summer 2014 http://www.diesel.com/denim-male#!/stories/dna-mutation   Essential denim: http://www.diesel.com/denim-male#!/stories/essential   Jogg Jeans http://www.diesel.com/denim-male#!/stories/joggjeans
hope those blue eyecons comes for other cuts ,too   Wishlist: 827X, 828T, 824Y, 824Z
 ok! then have the speculation an end!! Its an overpriced Jogg Jeans :-)
But the Jogg Jeans version has 90% Cotton 8% Polyester 2% Spandex   Thavar NE 604N: http://www.ebay.de/itm/DIESE-THAVAR-NE-0604N-604N-JOGG-JEANS-FW13-14-SLIM-SKINNY-32-SHIONER-THANAZ-/151150529960?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item2331460da8   Thavar Denim Reboot NE: http://store.diesel.com/de/hose_cod36465488fw.html only 98% Cotton 2% Elastane i think it is normal denim and not a pimped 604N
great Lorna 
amazing job! It's a piece of art! thumbs up
Thanks for posting @dieselolic   look really amazing!
looking good dieselolic   how is the fit compared to Thavar, Tepphar and Thanaz ? thx
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