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I hope darron 803w come also
 yes i own one myself, but i wish me Diesel make also a clean version of 74k that would be great
thank you for your comment Phukette! DBG should be standard length 34, the Jeans and quality was amazing, but so i can not wear DBG! My first and last! shame
  ooh no the jeans is to short, why they don't have these in length 34! i am really pissed off :-(   have all dbg L32 ??
I am really disappointed from this season or or i am getting old 
Thavar 820D  http://store.diesel.com/de/skinny_cod36428373kd.html     looks very cheap
    same here ... and for me to much  Lyocell and Polyester
Ask him! His Name in this Blog stylecentre
I am not a fan of those "mutation collection" in this season! the most of those have to thin denim, to crazy washes and quality is not the best! The only one i Check this season ist 817h 818y and more DBG
many new stuff  http://store.diesel.com/de/f%C3%BCr-ihn/jeans/denim
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