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sry but what i know is, that in this season there is no blue eyecon in krooley! 818y is only available in darron, 603z in waykee and narrot, 817h in safado and shioner sry mate
Nice aahz, but very special ...post fit pics!
yes it is 
bought these http://store.diesel.com/de/elegante-schuhe_cod44491922sb.html
Wutzwaag your opinion about 818Y? they look darker than diesel photos!   thx for pictures
looking good aahz!
new fanker 801b
Great fit Phukette!
8J3 was available in Viker 8E7 in Safado, Viker, Zatiny 8YM in Krooley, Larkee Safado later in A/W 10/11
8E7, 8J3 was Blue Icons and 8YM but only Larkee 8ym was marked as blue icon
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