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@kynhonglongbong  thx for your opinion
lots of size available, but normal price! http://www.miinto.nl/p-62268-diesel-thavar-811
Hi guys, i trying my first Tepphar, what you think keep or not? Size is W32 L34   Tepphar 8 8 1 W  
for me come this sale to wrong time, i buy other stuff first! But lucky days for all the others 
25% off denim ( Jeans, shirts and jackets) on http://www.jeansonline.com/de/ inclusive HW13 
Diesel Spring Summer Men Collection: moodboard.ibeyostudio.se/mget/820/22084/35597‎       Tepphar 827Y       Braddom 828D       Waykee 827W  
ok thx aramis
there are information over blue icon wash and cut? thx
from where do you get those informations?
excellent as always dieselolic
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