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I don't know, i like the DBG more!they have much more quality. believe me the denim is stunning, ask phukette he has the DBG........ i would go with DBG.      .......the lenght is around 33 and with code bonus you habe 20% extra discount
the wash is to expensive! the girlie version of those wash cost 450$ and in germany 340€......... too expensive!   Getlegg 821G http://store.diesel.com/us/skinny_cod36428452mh.html   hmmmmmm...... here in germany is the wash very fast sold out http://store.diesel.com/de/skinny_cod36428452mh.html
@freeradical82 summer 2011   @qtjoker1980 thank mate
thank you buddies!
821B is not my taste.... to dirty for me   they are different colors of 821b...     http://www.dirtynewage.com/dieseljeans/fw13/thavar-0821b-821b/        
more classic today....   Krooley 8 X 9    
 it hard to find them, wash is from SS2011.........you should look at yoox, ebay or the denimblog market place   or you buy Krooley 811P.... they have a similar color, but not so dirty as 8NJ
@ Aramis, Dieselolic, Quettingen, Denim addict and all the others   thanks very much for the feedback
Krooley 8 N J  
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