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First HW 14 denim online! Ugly Jeans with crazy price Thavar 833C http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539690ee.html#itemPage=1 Thavar 833B http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539689qe.html#itemPage=1 New jogg Jeans Thavar 607S http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539848pj.html#itemPage=1 Thavar 830Q http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539851rc.html#itemPage=1
Great Review ! Thank you
They look on your pics much better, than the online pics! Can't wait for your reviewfor a good price i will get it, too
Very nice @denim addict
Thavar 829B
Shioner 807F
Thx fresh3 @DC i get the jeans yesterday, so i can not much say about those bleeding, but sanibeldude bought the jeans a time ago, we should ask him!? @ sani do you confirm that?
DC what do you mean with bleed? @dieselicious the hem is 17 cm @sani yes they have And thank you all for your opinion
well, i like the jeans, it is an unique wash, but my opinion, these are not 270€ worth ( here in Germany ), i bought them for 210€ that price is ok! the wash is similar to 8E7, an other blue eyecon, only darker
Guys what do you think? Keep or not? Thavar 829B W32 L34
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