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I would say Shioner 804V
my opinion looks 817J much better, respectively the color is much darker! the fit is on 817J from the model much better, when it is the same model     817J     817F
great buys audit30   I got only 817H in this season, i like the color of 816K, i would buy them, but i like not the big damaged on side   
great outfit and fit @denim addict
I bougth tepphar 881w for 32£ hope the size fit well, got it in my normal waist
Look amazing phukette fit very well
Nice purchase @phukette did you got your normal size in tepphar or size up? i will buy my first tepphar, but i dont know which size i should buy? should i get my normal size or size up? i will buy 8Y0 and 881W Greet
i would say it is not a fake, sure in diesel makes not 8X2 in Viker! but these is a Prototype Jeans you see it on the tag ! Diesel make the washes in different cuts and then decides with which cut with which wash goes in production But why the hell has this guy a Prototype Jeans they are very rare 
  nice fit looks great ! I would buy also my first tepphar, but i am not sure about the size in Tepphar should i go with the normal waist or size up? Did you go with your normal size?
at the moment ugly and boring washes!
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