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basic tee's should not miss in the wardrobe
it looks like Thanaz 8LP
@ Phukette and Sanibeldude you all looking good
@Dieselolic Excellent i wait for pics
Laisnata excellent fit
nice xisco123! can't wait to get mine
look at    ebay ( seller diesel_jeans_1978 ) , Yoox or Denimblog marketplace
@ denim addict excellent purchase, thumb up   I bought in light gray: http://www.yoox.com/de/41337299TX/item?dept=#sts=orders80&cod10=41337299LT&sizeId=  
I don't know, i like the DBG more!they have much more quality. believe me the denim is stunning, ask phukette he has the DBG........ i would go with DBG.      .......the lenght is around 33 and with code bonus you habe 20% extra discount
New Posts  All Forums: