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It look like a first blue eyecon..... It think they have a blue rivet at the coin pocket
I find more.... http://moodboard.ibeyostudio.se.serverhotell.org/mget/820/42967/67300
Thx Fall Winter Denim Collection http://moodboard.ibeyostudio.se.serverhotell.org/mget/820/42967/67301
Not the burner, but first Fall Winter Denim.... Tepphar 669Y http://store.diesel.com/de/carrot_cod36674280bj.html
You mean narrot 74m....
Thavar-D 832Dhttp://store.diesel.com/de/hose_cod36539942co.html
Krayver 840Q http://store.diesel.com/de/carrot_cod36602221mw.html
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