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hmm that is interesting, thank you for the info
New photo… shows the wash better
New photo! The wash looks much better…compared to the old photo, a complete other jeans
New photo shows a hole over the knee these hole kills the pair for me
Thavar 834A blue eyecon online only! http://shop.diesel.com/thavar-0834a/00CKS10834A.html?dwvar_00CKS10834A_color=01#.U9JuVWIayK0
Which Cut?
Thavar 834F http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539691qu.html
+1 phukette
The denim is tick ! I find it is a very good quality! The color is same like 71J
Thavar 833J blue eyecon http://www.zalando.de/diesel-thavar-jeans-slim-fit-0833j-di122g04d-k11.html http://www.newyorkspeed.com/mobile-p-11435-diesel-jeans-thavar-833j-slim-skinny.aspx#.U9EL8mIayK0 Ebay: 3 different colors
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