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sell this beautiful Thavar 829b the Jeans is from the blue eyecon series 2014l, material 65 % Cotten, 35% lyocell application 100% Cow Leather and Made in Italy, wear them 1 time the Jeans is clean and unwashed and has the original touch and original Tag..... i bought them on Diesel.com for 280€ sell them her for a small price Delivery with DHL EU 10€ anywhere 17€
Thank you, i hope they fits! I never try Buster
Well, i bougth Buster 835E
I think they fit like darron and replacement darron, is my opinion
Buster 835E http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36554823xp.html Wow i really like those wash, i think i give buster a try
they look great and no hole! i am looking forward to this wash, when i get it to a good price
Diesel website! I posted the old pics 4 days ago, and the new pics are yesterday online! when you click at the link, comes the new photos, the old pics are delete from diesel
hmm that is interesting, thank you for the info
New photo… shows the wash better
New photo! The wash looks much better…compared to the old photo, a complete other jeans
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