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when was the heyday? like when the original 2 years dropped? what are some of the washes from this era? pdc can be found for great prices, especially on ebay, and have cleaner back pocket designs if you dont like the back pocket being too busy.
it used to be more realistic when you could find oodles of a&f at tj maxx and the like but now that they have stopped selling wholesale it is much less probable. another possibility is employees using their employee discount and then selling for a profit. when i worked there many did that. also in the stock room there were racks of old crap that would sit and rot for about half of a year until home office wanted them shipped back. at that point the shirts were in the 5...
try the discount stores as they said. also as said try ebay as pdc tends to go pretty cheap there. there are fakes, but not that many as it isnt as profitable to fake pdc as other things. however the 1 and 3 year washes are almost the only fakes i see on there on any sort of regular basis since they are the most popular. if you were to want another wash besides a "year" wash, you are almost guaranteed authenticity since most fakers won't spend their time with that when...
I am not sure what the first number means, but the three letter combination in the middle describes the cut of the jean. For instance, GTO is the slim boot men's cut comparable to zathan, and LTD is comparable to a relaxed pair of sevens. The last two numbers denote the wash as each wash has a particular 2 number sequence.
i am talking about the guys. i would say it fits a little bit small for a guys small when you receive it, but after a dry it shrunk up a lot. especially if you were to like to wash it on warm and then dry it.
fits average to slim but shrinks a fair amount if dried
Quote: Originally Posted by jayreyes And if so... why do you think that is? What can be done to change that? Why do most men take their women for granted? How hard is it to tell someone they are beautiful? Or do people just don't get married (common-law)? if defense of my species, not all of the blame can be placed on men
thanks guys. i did a bunch of research and tennessee has this little known program for first time home buyers we were told we should qualify for. i don't have the numbers in front of me but the rate is like 5.25% and no points or loan origination if i remember correctly. gotta love those government programs
i am getting married this summer and my fiance and i just signed on a nice little condo. now we are trying to finance it and ditech's rates are very appealing. we have good credit and no debt or anything like that. anyone have any experiences?
i love the flared vision fit
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