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Yeah, I agree. Classic story told when item wasn't ever really shipped in the first place.
I hope it is resolved Lisa, glad to hear it I think you went out of your way on that transaction for sure.
Mine ran small, I sized up 1.
My boy wants these exactly...can I get someone to help as I know nothing about telling fake/real on these.TIA! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll... D50%26fvi%3D1
Haha I just saw your sig line in another post. I saw that notice after last nights show, pretty cool!
Iron? What the heck is that??? LOL
I have to agree, I like the bronze!
Haha yes that would be a good question
Oh thanks for the update Linds!
Uh then where am I gonna sit!!!!!!!!!!!
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