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Yeah, I was hoping someone knew of a reputable seller or knew if that seller was one.
Well shoot
Usually everyone puts a generic button back on. But I've been thinking that as long as you can match up a generic back to fit, you could reattach the 7 front.Yet to try that though.
No one??? Where oh where is that nike guru???
Woohoo Go Pam! They look great!!
Hmmmm I'll pass on the fake butt. Any butt reduction stuff out there, now that I could use.
Awwwwwwwwww how sweet!!! Yeah I would but I didn't get any
Those are awful!!! Did she not learn anything at all?!?! Jeez
Sorry , I don't see your problem. What I read was a discussion Ben was obviously involved in but locked at a point where it seemed proper to me as it was starting to get out of hand. Surely you can't expect the mods to allow something like that to continue for too long of a time. I'm with Nat, this seems a bit petty in nature.
LMAO I'm sorry but the thought of jeans receiving threats & being kidnapped is too funny.Well until you factor in you pissed off w/ sharp dental tools in hand anyway!!
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