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Quote: Originally Posted by idalis OK... i think i now have "black" A's. I am weak Sweet!! Nah...not weak, just another way to get some 'black" a's that you've been after for so long.
Ok, I'm feeling brave. Same pic I posted in the 7 forum today though.
Quote: Originally Posted by idalis I negotiated that BIN! It was originally a $14.99 start, no BIN auction Yes Yes Pam worked for that BIN! Looks like everyone thinks they look good woohoo
Oh yeah!!! So I owe our awesome mod Pam big time for grabbing these for me woooohooooo!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1 So let me have it girls & be honest!!! Click on pic to enlarge, if you dare!!! lol
I have those but mine are offwhite really, ALO wash.
WTF Of all the nerve, calling Pam that!!! That could not be farther from the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane
Those turned out really well!!! Now I need to do mine
No there isn't and if there were it would be huge, more fakes on ebay than real! Try doing a search for specific sellers, they might have been discussed at some point.
KBlagg was here on hf this a.m. So I'm wondering why she has yet to explain.
Its a phishing scam. Just trying to get your email to spam the crap out of you & try to get you to buy their fake crap.
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