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Woohoo Congrats Will!!!!
Sweet, Pat grabbed them
Threatening pm's like what??? Explain please....
I'm pretty sure this thread will share the same fate as the other 2, locked.
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 Quote: Originally Posted by wasntme It really has people wondering what could have happened that was so bad to make him want to leave. People don't have to wonder, Ben explained himself. I meant that in a more specific detailed manner
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 Quote: Originally Posted by cebseb let's just all respect Ben's decision and leave it be... he's a big boy, and so is dave, and any problems between the two of them should be kept right where it should be... between the two of them... I concur. I think everyones point is while the original issue may have been between them, it is now affecting the whole forum.Ben leaving is a huge...
Hahaha And just where is your butt pic Danyel ?!?!? Come on......do it
Definately looking good there Bom!!
Quote: Originally Posted by bombon99 I have a friend who starts dragging one leg when shes drunk its soo funny, she kind of limps... so shes a limping drunk Haha a limping drunk, I would love to see that!! I'd say I'm in the happy/horny/sleepy group.
Awwww thanks Joan! Yeah he's a sweetie, I'm very lucky!!!
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