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Hahaha cute Renee
ewwwwwwwwwww steve!! haha
Quote: Originally Posted by tibi I wonder if that other forum is suddenly going to be flooded with refuge members of HF. While it is not flooded yet, it is certainly happening. A discount!?!?!?! Bull! Mods should not have a fee at all, I'd say their work here is payment enough.
Uhhhh does anyone else find it highly insulting the word "complaining" has been added??? I hardly consider all comments, discussions & questions as complaints per say. Perhaps that is his view & if so no one will get anywhere with anything here.
I cannot miss tomorrow, I just know something is going to happen!!! So I didn't see it but I heard it haha thanks T!!!
Whoa keep me posted. Time difference, was on here 2 hours ago darn it.
Ohhhhh I missed it today. What happened???? Tell me please!!!
I think those will make cute crops Pam! Love the eye avatar haha
Yeah I saw your original post, I say PM Dave I guess.
Not dumb Yes 100% cotton is rigid. I haven't seen Jennifers so that I can't answer.
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