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Quote: Originally Posted by jessicalm turn_your_head quit modding, too. Don't know if it was his decision or Dave's. Although I am not a R& R enthusiast, I really enjoy his posts... Jaime, which one? AF or denim talk? What's the consensus... which is everyone going to frequent, one or both? Peeps started bailing many days ago over to AF.
Hahahaha what did you do girl????
Quote: Originally Posted by lizm75 Why was talk shows suspended? There is a thread in chat Dave posted I believe. Basically it says he copied some stuff from the sacred "sandbox" & shared it with the other mods.
Quote: Originally Posted by JillianS dave spends the next few hours posting "suck up" threads to try and create an impression of openness, accountability and general admin good will.... Exactly what I thought about that!! lol
Yeah I'm glaad I missed that!
Ohhhh bingo gorgeous eye!
Quote: Originally Posted by antik_freak ooh, wasntme, another one! Yep!!
a mini pimp hahaha
whoa gopastic!!
Well that sucks
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