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Yes they are totally legit. They ship super fast too, I get my stuff the next day love it!!!
Yeah really, I didn't see her do anything. What did I miss??
Quote: Originally Posted by dra sucks how each of those boards has the same members posting the same things...need to merge the two somehow! Yeah it is a pain to check both
From what I can see everyone is on DT & AF both
Yeah smoochys is nasty.
It won't show in sent until they read it.
Yep she left a long time ago & she's on AF
Its in support of Ben.
Quote: Originally Posted by incagirl joined as incagirl! two sites? now i'll NEVER get off the computer... And authenticforum.com also. Yeah I probably won't either hahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by NAT829 <--------------Here's my eye! Beautiful eye Nat!!
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