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She seems to use an id till we all get wise to her & her limits then she changes it. She does or did at one time lurk here quite a bit.
It's her
Yeah exactly Kirie. I have aol & I appear on that list as do many other members who live no where near me what so ever. I don't think that's gonna be very helpful, aol has a huge amount of customers.
Renee, I'm not sure what you are saying here? The issue of checks is not current but past.
Yes they are legit.
Yes, please have Rehan clue everyone in on dialup. I really don't appreciate being associated with a troll, not cool.I have never nor will I ever troll, if I have something to say I do it under my name. Plain & simple.
Trolls were/are always posting there, surely I am not the only one that sees that. So if that was done, I find that a reasonable explaination. Another Mod publicly admitted to do this, so why is only 1 punished? Doesn't make much sense to me, as meow pointed out why was something not done before?
What are you getting at here Dave? Those all look to be dialup ip. I'm a troll suddenly because I have dialup??
Quote: Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl I cannot even imagine this forum without you. You were the one that helped me countless times when I first joined. I must admit , I definitely disagree with Dave on this one. He should at least have given you all some time to think about things in light of what has recently happened. 24 hours is not enough, especially given the dedication you have shown to this forum. Unbelievable. This truly saddens me. I...
Both AF & DT for now anyway
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