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Anyone have this wash?  How do they fit?    http://www.7forallmankind.com/store/productdetails.aspx?productid=2508&cs=1
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Sorry gals, I had a sick doggy (he ate a rock) who needed emergency surgery. I also have an 18 mos. old & work full time, so I've had zero minutes to myself. I'll post some soon! Still love them, though, and want another pair!
I think Ginger's are looser in the thighs!
I just had to share. I have 7's in bootcut, dojo's, A-pocket, Hudson's, True Religion Joey's and Becky's, COH Kelly's, and Joe's Socialites and the Gingers are HANDS DOWN the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. And, I can bend down in them without showing the world my underwear. Thank you 7FAM!!!!!!! I got them in Med. LA and now want them in Mercer!
Thanks. How are the different in the thigh area? Also, if I'm a 30 in Joey's, should I stick to a 30 or size down for Beckys?
Besides the higher rise, is there any different in fit with the Becky's vs. the Joey's? I found the Joey's were a tiny bit to low for me and too form fitting on the thigh. Is Becky the same thigh wise? TIA!
I'm trying to figure out what wash to get!
Is the Ginger rise noticeably higher? I like the rise on the Dojo's but want another wide leg jean. Do the Gingers fit differently? I love my Dojo's in Dark Dakota and New Zealand wash...they fit great but a little on the looser side. I'm a size 31. What size ginger would I be?
I'm constantly pulling up my Joeys and debating selling them for this reason. Does TR make a style with a slightly higher rise?
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