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I agree. And, no, I didn't use delivery confirmation. My USPS person never offered it to me as it was being sent to Canada. This guy had +3 feedback so I trusted him. If anyone can give me information about this guy, please help me out. I'm considering submitting his personal information and getting his phone number. I won't rest until this is figured out. It's not so much the money, but rather the fact that someone can be so pathetic for a PAIR OF JEANS.
hey guys, a while back i sold a pair of diesel farco's to poorman3. he paid, and i sent them out. days later he kept telling me he still hadn't gotten them, even though according to usps' estimated delivery times, he should have. he filed a paypal claim against me and i really had no grounds that would allow me to fight it so he got his money back. now, he won't respond to any of my numerous pm's to let me know if he got the jeans (he said that when he did get them,...
lacoste polos fit like garbage. i will never understand the fascination.
Hi, I want to buy something off from an Italian website, but I would like to save money on shipping and avoid customs taxes by having the item shipped to you and then you can ship it to me. The reason I ask this is because the shipping from Italy to here is 50 euros and then I will be hit with a 10% service tax upon arrival. I have lots of refs and great eBay feedback, so rest assured I am legit here. If you can help me out, please respond here, PM me, or...
Hey, I need to find an article dealing with ethics within market research. As simple as this sounds, it is proving to be SUPER difficult. If anybody can help me out here, I'd be SO grateful! Remember, the article can't be about ethics in marketing. It has to be about ethics within conducting market research/surveys/polls etc. Thanks!
i live off campus from the university so i don't have a meal plan there. i started a meal plan with this local japanese restaurant and i do alot of cooking on my own in my apartment. the meal plan at the japanese place is $100 a month and i spend another $100 on other food, drinks, beer. as far as shopping and whatnot, i'll spend $500 or so every couple of months on jeans, shoes, shirts, electronics. i don't know where you go to school, but i would just reccomend...
those timmen look doooope. where can i find these in a 31 or 31 waist? the guy above only has them in a 30 and 34.
yeah, im looking for the thanaz cut only. thanks, though!
thanks dude. i'm looking for something with more of a fade. any suggestions?
Just like the title says. Looking for something in a black wash that doesn't have ass dragons Any pics would be much appreciated
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