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They are real 
Hey Dave  I'm packing boxes for my move next week! I new I had a lot of jeans but not that much lol. I almost fainted when I saw the amount of boxes filled with jeans only...
They could be Roxannes or any other skinny cut and there are so many new washes that it's hard to tell which one this is...; why don't you just ask her? 
Welcome Marctio!
  Love this combo! Pretty&Polished Candy Coated layered over Matesse Elite Pink Tutu ♥ 
I know a lot of people have been on a waiting list for a long time so if anyone wants to join Pinterest I can send you an invite, just let me know!
  Steven Kellum, 26 years old, lives in New Orleans, La with his wife Lexi and a newborn son Aidyn.  He is a full time student studying to become a nurse.   Steven got into designer denim when he stumbled across a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans while going through some of his uncle's old hand me downs. His wife told him they were $200 jeans which at the time he thought was crazy. They became his favorite clothing item before long (before that he hated...
The wash looks familiar... Marc will know ;-)
Please read the Classifieds Posting Rules and add any missing information to your listing(s), thanks!
Hi ladies, don't be shy, I'd love to see what's on your nails!!   I'll start!      China Glaze Dorothy Who?
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