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hey everyone...its been a while since I've been on here, but had a quick question. What is a good price for a pair of ~1 month worn raw indigo MIJ 19cms used? Kind of out of the loop lately. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Afro1989 but even 71J doesn't stretch within 3 days IMO. My 71J gets knee bulges the first time I sit down :P Srsly tho, give them some more wear, they should stretch...
Quote: Originally Posted by lorna17 Communist i think you need to pull them down a bit Being that high makes your torso look a bit short agreed...the top is okay...but once you get to the jeans: first thought that popped into my head...no hate
Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben sag = wear them a little lower Nevermind You have camel toe of the ass is what he is saying
I do, but mostly older stuff...nothing really appeals to me from the last 5-10 years, but then again, I'm old too
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Lots of the people that showed up today were pretty clueless about Diesel - they were just there for the blue-light special factor. Its strange how word gets around, its not like Diesel puts ads in the Sunday paper. I wonder how those people got wind of it? Cut looks pretty good so far. I'm curious to how mine will fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sadiertje Some pics of the madness in Amsterdam! (scroll down) Diesel Dirty Thirty denims uitverkocht in anderhalf uur! - Cc:live HOLY crap!! At least you can smoke a little something to pass the time there...still though, they are just jeans
There is probably just as much risk ordering over the phone w/a Diesel store as with anything over the phone, I worry more about giving out my number to the pizza delivery guy than with a store. Bio has a good idea, but since I wasn't prepared to make a phone order today, I guess thats the risk I took, maybe next time... Daniel (or one of the Daniels) called to verify my order just a bit ago...just a waiting game now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave also on craigslist for $399 DIESEL Limited Edition Dirty Thirty XXX Jeans Men's 31 HAHA! Biggest lie of the year: "and male (Heeven) models, two of the brand's most popular styles "
well, to each his own...I think it is pretty cool, maybe not my first choice in cuts or wash, and mind you, it is just a marketing ploy, but since my main staple in clothing is Diesel, owning a pair of 30th jeans will make me happy, even if they are just hanging in my closet.
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