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/\ i'd wondered this, too. still composing maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep you know what i mean, right? i did, actually. yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep often they're trying to make a buck. i guess everyone is.
/\ do you like it raw or roasted? *mmmmmm, good*
/\ i, for one, can't currently argue with anything you have said here.
Quote: Originally Posted by smoochy God, I'm so immature. really, what does it taste like--the deer penis, i mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by jessani The mod section is getting closed won't remove the mods' ability to think independently and voice their thoughts elsewhere. yes, elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgras How does that make any sence to close it though? That doesn't solve anything. no kidding. Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Ben's threatening to leave has brought alot of aggression out from some of the moderators here. This isn't cleared up. It's kinda deep. Ben saying farewell was not the cause of the bad feelings here.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Those choices don't make any sense. Hrm... Whatever. At this point in time, I don't even think I want to know what goes on behind the closed doors at HF. And we're the ones with locked-drama threads all the time. The mod discussion area must be a fucking war zone. ...until it gets permanently closed tomorrow...
IamRenee, no, please see first post of this thread--btw, I did not make that post.
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