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Quote: Originally Posted by TigiStylist Quote: Originally Posted by ttramell lol you are funny....I must have missed that I have it saved! Maybe it should be on his HF Team Pic?????? Yes, PLEASE. Inquiring minds want to know....
Quote: Originally Posted by ana Quote: Originally Posted by idalis "advisor section" is now called "the Sandbox" apparently Very fitting name... Although for certain members of this group I would call it "The Outhouse". Lots of shitting on people around here lately. I like "the Sandbox," because it's where you play when you are 5 years old which, you'd have to agree, is a simpler time in life. Though I did think of...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaimek44 answer us! We want answers! Im out if we dont get some soon, and we'll all start a renegade forum where we can say cock and slutfucker as much as we want just like tigi, i just about peed myself laughing, too!
Quote: Originally Posted by TigiStylist Welcome to my world! Did you get Spanked TOO??? I got spanked, but I like a good spanking.
Quote: Originally Posted by jetta_07 sorry i cant find it... is there a thread where pam and signe posted something about possibly leaving the forum? i, too, have been wondering where this info was posted or otherwise made public. if anyone knows, post now or forever hold your peace! Quote: Originally Posted by jetta_07 if they leave (and as a result many of our members leave as well), the forum is definately going to...
Quote: Originally Posted by admin if you don't have something nice to say please don't say anything at all. Dave, this kind of aphorism works well on the playground, when children are learning to "play nice," but I can't always subscribe to it now, as a critical-thinking adult. If we all followed this idea, nobody would protest when President Bush takes our country to war because he believes it is a good idea. This is not meant as a slander...
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanT HF isn't a job for most mods, it's a hobby... that's right, modding is not a paid position.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgras The thing that really bothers me... Is how Dave's answers are always one or two sentences in length. funny, i'd noticed something like this, too. not a lot of info there to hang your hat on, is there?
/\ LOL! finger-lickin' good ... like KFC! heh. tastes like chicken!
Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Quote: Originally Posted by antik_freak Ben saying farewell was not the cause of the bad feelings here. Not the cause, but it opened the gates to a degree. Nope, they were already wide open.
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