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Quote: Originally Posted by thegrapist [mod edited for differing opinion] and YOUR av made me laugh out loud. good one.
wow, smoochy, that is a long and complex one!
/\ hey, keri, did i mention how much i like your new av?
that is a lovely new av you've got there, keri.
Quote: Originally Posted by wasntme Uhhhh does anyone else find it highly insulting the word "complaining" has been added??? I hardly consider all comments, discussions & questions as complaints per say. Perhaps that is his view & if so no one will get anywhere with anything here. I, for one, was highly insulted. Yes.
damn, that's fun, and funny. i made all these nasty little phrases, but it's hard to get 'em to stay very long.
Quote: Originally Posted by dra Quote: Originally Posted by missmk Quote: Originally Posted by dra does EVERYONE pay, including mods, who want to sell in HM? wait, buddy, we get a discount! well i think you should...you arent getting paid any other way, so that would be a nice gesture. i'm confused--you are saying it would be a nice gesture for mods to have to pay to use HF (with a...
/\ word.
Quote: Originally Posted by pinchy i really like cake. the theme appears to be cake. wish i had me some cake. wish i had a pic of just my eye, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 I like the icing better than the cake itself. and i like the cake better than the icing. guess we should share a piece of cake some time.
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