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This is a copy of my resignation post, which I originally posted yesterday in the "Dear Mods" thread in CHAT, but Dave moved it out for some reason. I wanted to put a copy of it here in my old section in case any of you guys did not see it before. I find it somehow fitting to be re-posting this on June 1, 2006, which is exactly 9 months since I joined this place on September 1, 2005. Here was my post: Dave, please count me out. Why? I must now leave...
Dave, please count me out. Why? I must now leave because: 1) Each time I have tried to communicate with you, and sent you long, carefully composed, and heartfelt messages, you have fired back one-liners, pasted in text pointing me to a section of "updated mod rules," or given me back nothing more than a link to some other post; 2) I continue to be upset that, after our site was hacked, and I asked you to put out a general security note in Chat for all our users,...
don't know if you intended to double-post, but i do see that there. i'm at work right now, and cannot get to that right this moment, but will do as soon as i can.
Quote: Originally Posted by smoochy Awww, antik... where's the hair?? On my head as always. Wow, your pic is extra-special, smoochy!
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 did you draw those? Nope, Escher did. You can see it enlarged by clicking link in my first post in this thread, a few up from here. Check out the skulls.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessani Eye think my eye looks scary! It is best that way. Though eye think it looks beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by thegrapist One Eye to rule them all, One Eye to find them, One Eye to bring them all and in the darkness bind them Your Eye of Sauron is my fave! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_Sauron "In The Lord of the Rings, the primary antagonist Sauron controls his minions from within the Dark Tower, Barad-dûr, and thus he is never physically seen by the main characters. However, he does sometimes confront them from a...
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 You have very pretty eye(s) Idalis that's why her name is I-dalis. i'm in the hizzy. see full-sized image here: http://www.artchive.com/artchive/e/e...escher_eye.jpg note the skulls inside each eye. liked that aspect of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whit3rabbit thanks antik_freak! you need to join the party! oh, how i want to! but i've never cropped a photo before, and though i tried earlier, i got frustrated and gave up.
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