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heyyy everyone. well, it's pretty self-explanatory. have you ever hooked up or had a relationship with a coworker? how'd it work out? basically, i started hooking up with a coworker. i work in a very intense field but in a laid-back environment and everyone knows, so keeping it a secret isn't a problem. however, the fact that we're still coworkers just makes me think twice about everything that happens. if it ends badly, we still have to work together for the forseeable...
Veuve for sure!
i love ahava hand lotion (i buy it for $7 at marshalls) or korres guava body butter. suave sucks!
OMG- you must be kidding me. I am moving to Portsmouth in 2 weeks!!
get Time Out's guide- it's the best. or the weekly time out magazine. i lived in london for a year, it was the best experience of my life- enjoy your stay
great deal!! too bad I don't belong to costco anymore...
Quote: Originally Posted by boraxkim ^ lol..how much of a discount do you get? 20%
I don't know where you live, but do you have any nice department stores around? I worked at nordstrom one summer and I made probably around 5 or 6 thousand dollars. during the big sales i made a thousand dollars a week. it's commission so you have to be willing to work hard and make sales, but if you are friendly and like to talk to people it's a good job.
Yeah I JUST went through this situation. My mom said no gifts (in fact she said it would be sort of inappropriate) but a very nice sincere handwritten TY note, with maybe an offer to take her/him out to lunch or coffee is nice enough. You know there's nothing better than getting a really nice handwritten letter from someone!
i wanna destudd my fiji a's so badly but i guess i'll just sell them instead!
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