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Head over to superture. There is tons of information there about Lvc collection. Just use the search button before your post anything.
My problem isn't diesel any more. That this and last season have been really dull. I just stick to my raw denim and wear the shit out of one pair until its broken in. I haven't wore a pair of my diesels in months. Hmmm may be I should sell them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Le Fagateur Azalea has them. Free shipping + 15% off with styleforum coupon code = sex. http://azaleasf.com/apcns.html I also noticed that you listed yourself as a 28x30 size in Zathans. You might want to size down to a 26 or less for the NS if they have them in stock. APC employs vanity sizing and the denim stretches like crazy. Additionally, Zathans sit lower on the hip than NS. In the end, the 3/4 inch shrinkage...
Looks good. In a few more months those will look awesome. Keep it up.
Hey diesel lets get a pic of those jeans with them on. I'm ready for a new pair of raw denim, and with so many out there I would like to see what thse look like on.
Wow I really won't be buying anything diesel if all the collection is like that. Very boring.
You sized down? From what I have read the raw shrink down a bit after the first wash. The one wash are the ones that have gotten all of the shrinkage out of the way. I may be wrong.
They look great girl. Rock'em!
Thanks guys!!
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 ^^ I think he's referring to your chromosomes. Perhaps he's saying you look feminine. I don't know. ANYWAY, I got these today and I'm afraid they're too tight. They're Yarik 70z's... Those yariks look great keep them!!
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