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nope, it was away as i wanted to bid.....anyone here with 8sv in w30 or w31 in l34? or same in 73j
Will pay good depends on the condition. just pm me
@the kid 13: is this hompage fake? pics look fake.     @denim collector : james who ?
pm me if you have one =). the guy on ebay did not answer my mails as i asked for a front pic of the pairs he offers.             regards phil
good question, id also like to know which brand it is =)
73j started in september 2008 ( since i bought them in vienna ) , the thanaz 8sv started in november or october 2008.
thanks for your input!!!
hello        at the moment i am searching for boots, but i cant find this type of boots. maybe u can help me ( pictures below ). if you find someting similar pls inform me =)             thank you for your help
from where received yoox a pair of 8sv new in 2015?
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