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sorry diesel fanboys. but to be honest, most of the washes look cheap and not worth the money. the reason why i post this is that diesel can do better and each of you who has 10dag brain knows this. yeah i post each time the same comment , id also like to comment positiv feedback but there is nothing positiv. no problem that thanaz is away, at least diesel should bring out nice washes.   a nice wash is not defined by a higher price range or models which look like idiots...
lets see if the lead designer of diesel jeans can also  surrvive this massive attack of  diesel jeans terror. i dont get you guys, when i look at those jeans they are not even worth 100euro in my eyes. get back the old team and start making denim for brave people , not for people who are brave enough to pay loads of money for a clown look.
i kinda like those india love massage spam mails =D *sry fot this nasty post*
checkd also the internet, those type of coat is quite hard to come by, or?
wow thanks dude =)
would be great if not every jean is jogg , tepphar or sleenker.
hello     since i am not able to finde a specific item on the internet i need your help guys. what i am looking for is that kinde of jacket the guy is wearing. its like a coat but with a vest underneath. so a coat with a vest =D since i am willing to pay up to 500-600 usd i am open for every input =)  
do you remeber the times when pairs were sold for 500 usd on the internet?
New Posts  All Forums: