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meh....nothing which blows me from the chair to be honest. no must haves and nothing special in my opinion. some jeans look like they can be found on some street market. just my opinion.
hy      i would like to know where i can find a black coat, with a slim fit, not too long. it like to wear it open. so the fit should look well. price range 300-400 euro.if you could recommend any brand etc , that would be nice.
hey guys.     since i cant find  a black pair of diesel denim i would also try out another brand.....so can you suggest or maybe give me a link for a black denim? price should be aroudn 300 euros and similar to shioner / thanaz.         thanks in advance =)
hello im searching for this pair of jean.w30 or w31. pls pm me. 
has someone spotted the grey wash?
so it comes in 2 diff washes?
will be 290 euro i guess?
  where can i buy this pair of diesels? the funny thing is....the lousy new collection is available on the online store and exactly the pair i want is not available.....lovely
i dont understand how they can decide such a lack in jean design. where are the big heads of the previous seasons? how can diesel put their signature under those jeans and supporting this lead designer?
i wanna kick the lead designer of diesel in the ass! i mean all jeans are compl boring......and the jean for 790 euros is a bad joke. diesel pls get yourself together......now.   they call it reboot i name it step back.
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