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want thanaz back...
and what is with nudie? also something similar to thanaz?
thanks =)  i guess ill go with thavar.       do you know if the cut THAVAR 0841B will also come out in l34? they are quite new or not?   also do you know where i can pick up a pair of THAVAR 608T in W30/L34 , since they are a bit older       thanks
thanks phukette =)   do you know also other brands?
hy       at the moment i would like to buy a jean but since im only wearing thanaz and shioner i dont know which cut from diesel would have a proper fit. i have thavar 8x2 at home but its not the same like thanaz.   id like to point out that i dislike the diesel trip with all those tepphar and sleenker chicken leg jeans...     so is there a diesel jean cut which is the same like thanaz? or would you suggest to try out another brand? i have no idea of the size...
hey guys     what kind of wash code has this thanaz, those clowns dont write the code of jean in their product description. its not thanaz....the creepy little bro...
diesel u can do better.....   i saved so much money becuase diesel is not able to sell nice jeans anymore. id like to buy a plain, non stretch black thanaz/thavar/shioner/ same cut jean but diesel just throws cheap looking jeans out. i have to buy some new jeans in the next months , and i stumbled across armani or other brands. the problem is that diesel jean do not look like they have qualitry right now. they look l like they are from a 5 euro table in the...
hello        i am from europe and id like to buy something from everlane online store. they only ship within the us and canada, so i would like to know if somone can be a proxy. i will also pay for the service and additional shipping costs to europe.     just pm me and we can fix the deal =)             regars phil from austria
thanks for your feedback =)
hey         i just bought some plain cotton shirt in white and black from zara.....now after washing they lost their natural shape and they dont look good anymore. i would like to know if you can suggest me which brand offers good plain cotton shirts. i would need the colour bk,wt and gy. the fit should be slim , relaxed not baggy etc.           thanks in advance 
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