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I just saw this pair on Nordstroms website, and it DOES have crystals! Mine doesn't. I got them at Loehmans for $89 - - do you think they were irregular then? The sticky tag does give the NWL as the wash, but I can't find any evidence anywhere that NWL Kate isn't always supposed to be crystal. Weird.. Maybe somebody picked them off?
They're sold out but what was the price? I'll be sick over it, but enquiring minds need to know! I've given up on Flynts really ever fitting me right, but I tried on a pair of Kates in this wash (NWL) and LOVED the way they fit my waist and hips. And the fabric is super soft and light. I got mine a couple of days ago at Loehmans and paid $89, so I didn't do too bad!
I saw a pair of Kates today that were very dark blue, and the pocket stitching was blues and grays. The sticky tag said "NWL". I can't find it in the style guide - - anyone know? Thanks!
I used to work in retail, and the customers who asked for a discount and then suggested a reasonable solution almost always got what they asked for. Like if something has a stain that I know will come out, I'd ask for 10% or $10 off. If it's ripped, I'll ask for the cost of repair plus a little more for the trouble. I find that even on Ebay if someone suggests something reasonable to me, that's usually a fine solution. Photograph the jeans and send him the pic asking...
I was eyeing those Deco Flynts in the Mall.... whaddya think? Or the NYD sigs? Both around $75... hmmm.
Quote: Originally Posted by thelittleroo all too short me for. Did I just write in Yoda? Good lord, I must've been multi-tasking.
She's got a ton of 26/27s at great prices... is this a forum member? the name sounds familiar. all too short me for. Sniff sniff.
Seven 7 for All Mankind bootcut jeans, size 27 - (eBay item 280170131624 end time Nov-09-07 13:09:14 PST) Somebody vet this pair before pouncing. Short inseam tho.
I knew there was a cut I was forgeting to say I look TERRIBLE in, and it's A pockets. I have no idea why, but they simply do NOT fit me correctly anywhere on my body! I have thought of NYD sigs (bootcut or boycut). I really like Flynts for the design, not as much probably for the fit if I'm honest with myself. Is it just me or does everyone else have to pull them back up on the hips every 10 minutes? I loved my China Flynts, but they were constantly falling down. ...
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