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I have two pair that I am clueless if they are men or women TR.  Ok, it didn't help that I bought them at a discount store and the employees don't know either.  They put the jeans anywhere (clueless if they are men or women).   Here are the jean's specs: Slim Heritage LITTL style MN32H60E56/ 141-054314.  Retail $240. Joey Style J9-803/066-08-273, they have a twisting inseam.  Thank you
I love a pair of Stitch jeans that I bought. They are very stylish and comfortable. I've received compliments on them. But I don't see many of them around and I didn't know why. So I am posting this to get feedback on the popularity of the jeans. Not whether or not I look good in them. CEZ1029 answered my question. Thank you CEZ1029
I have a Big Star Denim Jacket for men, but can't find anything about it on the web. How can I find out more about their line of denim jackets?
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