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Hey!, pics from the upcomimg collection!!               source
New pics of the SS11... http://www.diesel.co.jp/denim/11ss_index.html
I have to size up and fits awesome!!... i think thavar is a little more skinny than thanaz. I wear size 29 in thanaz (28 in "stretch" thanaz) and 30 in Thavar ;)
^ I have it... and looks awesome!!!
^ I hope soon... very nice wash!
In this pic... Shioner 8T4   http://www.diesel.com/collection/diesel/dsl-fw2010-collection/f-w-2010-189
^   Hey Sand, I think it's good to have light and dark washes in any closet. My favorite washes that i have are 73V, 8SV, 71J, 8AT and my new 8S9     About 8N1, i think it's a good wash and will be better in Thanaz!
I have:   Thanaz 73V Thanaz 8S9 Thanaz 8IE   Poiak 8SV   Viker 71J Viker 8AT   Safado 8B2 Safado 8KH Safado 8KJ   Timmen 8GI
Hey!!! I found these!!   Thanaz 8V8 !!  and a little preview  of Thanaz 8V9 - 74G   http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=pants&no=554689&page=14&bbs=   I don't know if there're more pics... if you find, post here! Ciao!
Hey Torence Thanks!!   Do you have any pics??
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