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yes very beautiful, its in my wishlist! :)
A sneak peek of the main collection and Blue Eyecons... just AWESOME!!!!!   Thavar 829J       Thavar 75S (Limited Edition)         Tepphar 827Y          Sleenker 829I       Shioner 828V       Belther 827T       BLUE EYECON - Krayver 827X     BLUE EYECON - Safado 827V       BLUE EYECON - Belther 828T
Thanks pandauk! ;) its called Bosco, and yes, the wide is barely an inch   PD: private message answered ;)
Just got my new Thavar 811P 29x32 (my first Blue Eyecon). It's awesome! :D and also i put some pics of my last Diesel belt purchased.            
My new purchases from Diesel Online Store:   Thavshort W29:   Belt:
Thanaz looks very very good on this pic :D   http://www.diesel.com/denim-3d/preview_fw12_denim-thanaz   Preview Color Exposure: http://www.diesel.com/denim/filter/male
Today I recived the Thavar 886B (last week Tepphar 8PK ), awesome washes! :D   Pic of my Thavar:  
Thnks for the info! :) But the discount code doesn't work for me :( , I bought Tepphar 8PK and 8NA :D
Better pics at diesel.com ! more detailed than the online store pics! Thavar 886B: http://www.diesel.com/denim/preview_ss12_thavar-886b Tepphar 68Z: http://www.diesel.com/denim/preview_ss12_tepphar-68z Shioner 74Y: http://www.diesel.com/denim/preview_ss12_shioner-74y Tepphar 886A: http://www.diesel.com/denim/preview_ss12_tepphar-886a Braddom 887D: http://www.diesel.com/denim/preview_ss12_braddom-887d Safado...
Thanaz 73V   Diesel Belt Converse Sneakers Religion Tee Zu+Elements Jacket Pepe Jeans Scarf Acapulco Gold Cap    
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