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Hello   For sale: SHIONER 0886A 26X30.   I purchased these BNWT  from the Diesel couple months ago. No alterations. Excellent condition.
looking for a thavar in 26x30. msg me!
Howdy   Looking for a Thavar in a 26x30, made in Italy pair.  I'm not too fussy on the wash but nothing crazy or blown out. I'm in Canada, so looking for a US member to arrange something from an outlet or store and then ship on to me for a finders fee.   pm me. thx!
make me mod and my first act will be to ban dave and reinstate previously banned members
soccer just sucks. to play, to watch, to gamble on. fucking euros. floppers all of them
i appreciate the 90's for giving us vickee. i remember the first time i got high was to california love when i was 13
if dating mean getting help with calculus homework, then yes
jennifer connelly circa phenomena era
anton was still curiously grappling with the horror of new found, magical curly hairs growing around his nether regions when bush was elected in 2004. he doesnt know shit about shit
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