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Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Of course.... One thing people will have to accept as well, is that some of these people may not want to come back And by that I mean all of them, just bringing them back wont save this place anyways. Don't have much to lose at this point... ETA not that it matters but I could see myself posting more over here if there was some excitement! I miss most of those banned members
Congrats! I was wondering where you went!
I lovvvvvve the color ( I already told you that though LOL) Micky+Tiffany= <3
I have them and they are my favorites!!!!!!
They are pretty but fit funny imo
I do it but I dont announce it LOL
please clear inbox out
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar go back to your fucking echo chamber and ostracize another admin OMG OMG I am so hurt!!!!!
You babies need to quit whining so much !!!!!!!! OMG OMG This place is doomed
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