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Boots are still available and I will gladly ship abroad. PM me if interested.
Diesel Zatiny 8KL, Size 34x32   Bought these new at a Diesel store and tried them on several times at home but never wore them out, so they're new for all practical purposes.   Trying to sell quickly, so I'm offering them for a great deal - $49 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. Feel free to PM for any questions.  
I have a lightly worn pair of Paul Smith York boots in Sigaro Dip Dye wash (dark brown) in size UK 9.5 (US 10.5) still with its original box from Blue Bee (original price on the box says $520.00, but I bought it on sale for $400 and change).   I am looking to get $150.00, but I will entertain offers. Price includes shipping within the Continental U.S.   Pictures will be added shortly.  
SOLD a brand-new, never worn pair of Diesel Thanaz with tags still attached in size 32 Waist and 34 Length.   Waist measured flat across: 17.75 inches
Yeah, measurements would be nice...
Personally, I don't think J Crew pants/jeans fit nearly as nice as Diesel ones.
That's crazy.... and someone care to inform me what "value" a 25% tax will add to things? Maybe "value-added" is code for "we're the government and we're going to rob you blind because we can"... sounds nicer. 
Just as an added data point, the Diesel stores in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil sell their jeans for R$1,000-1,500 (US$581-872), and I know for a fact that a US$80,000/year salary in the US will pay US$25,000-30,000 (equivalent IT job)....
Wages are higher in Europe than in the U.S.?? Somehow that is surprising to hear, if true.
^ lol
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