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Levislad has been rocking tight jeans since '07, leave the guy alone for christ sake.. How things have changed in here...   
Quote: Originally Posted by braveislander You found this article, thought about it and then posted a link here where others are now going to link to, read, think and possibly share. Fail? Reading comprehension fail much ?
Diesel = Fail Diesel Be Stupid
x 1000 ? Diesel lost the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ^ Audio , what do you shoot with ??? nice. My dirty old 20D.. still works great after 40k actuations. Tamron 17-35 for the lense. I would like to get a better one but since I use my camera almost exclusively in a crowded nightclub, I don't want to pay much more since it could get damaged pretty quickly. Quote: Originally Posted by gpb118 holy crap man, can you move in that shirt?? joking...
The magnificent one. Yes. I'll grow my hair back next summer.
Need. more. skirts.
Hope the gf will get me a tripod for christmas...f*ck..
Quote: Originally Posted by Gio thanaz + chucks is a fucking "no go" unless they are white, or do you go for the emo-look? if yes, then use chucks. lol.
Yezzir or noesssss ?
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