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yay! can't wait until thurs when it comes!
i just bought a pair on shopbop cuz it was half off! I hope they're truly a skinny jean. and do they tts?
^that makes sense. It's not important enough for me to call and pick it up, but thats for the clarification!
I got it back today and didn't notice it was gone until I tried them on at home. Not a big deal, but why did he take it off? Weird..
Is it to determine what quantity to make of certain styles depending on the sales volume?
Quote: Originally Posted by TigiStylist When I get to work my Spa is like a family. How many peeps hug their boss goodbye? They always make sure I eat. They are so sweet! Eww, I wouldn't want to hug my boss goodbye.. But, I work for an unpleasant human being, whereas you work for someone sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanT Every day I strive to be more like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. Bill Lumbergh: Milt, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK? Milton Waddams: Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... But my own boss is...
Quote: Originally Posted by moonzilla I have no major complaints about my current one (it's me!) Everyday it is clearer to me why I want to start my own business..
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