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http://www.gutefrage.net/media/fragen/bilder/bestimmte-jeansjacke-gesucht/0_big.jpg i think  the wash is awesome
Anybody know where i can buy the leather jacket Edward Maya is wearing in that clip ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezJgqghYv-8&feature=related   Thanks !
ok thanks, i will try it
Hey ! I Consider to buy a gloovy 8gk. I wear in my normal thanaz (8b9) a 31/32 and in my normal theppar (8y9) 31/32. Most people in the Forum say that the Gloovy is very tight, but is it tighter than theppar ?  Also the 8Gk is a stretch-wash...Should i stay with my normal size (31/32) or should i size up (32/32) ??    
nope, didn't washed them   i'm in day 6
wow, thanks
i noticed that slammers differ alot in the cut of the legs...some are slimmer, some are looser for example is the slammer 8gk cut a much more slimmer cut in the legs then the slammer 8bk. would be cool if someone with knowledge would make a array of all slammers with their cut from tightest to loosest    8gk<8bk<...<...   etc.
haha nope, big scarfs are the sexiest :P and keep warm
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