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Diesel has killed some classics like Slammer, now we have poiak but i still miss slammer 
Ok the wash of the jeans of the pictures is 8ik you can get those thanaz from the Adidas Diesel collection but those are from the first collection so i dont think you can get those jeans now.
Diesel !!!! obvious the best!!!
im going to buy one of these jeans: adi-thanaz 8sz, adi-poiak 8il, adi-larkee 8aa, adi-thanaz 8vf  what of those jeans do you prefer?
Anyone knows whats the difference between Lemmen and Timmen or its the same?
nice fit i love 8sv on thanaz
Quote: Originally Posted by zdenal_cz thanaz i guess isnt it? what wash?
oh men i was lookin for the habaneras for a while too and them i found a pair for $160 but i didnt buy the habaneras jojo.
thanks help me a lot
hi, i will buy a pair of thanaz 72L and i i wanna know how they run i will buy one size bigger that my normal size what do you think
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