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A pair of diesel krooley 73N 30 x 30. The jeans have 2 small tears in waist 1/2 inch long. Can be easily sewed. 
A pair of diesel zatiny jeans 30 x 30. No hemming or defects. 
A pair of used Diesel thanaz size 30 x 30 73N 100.00 Jeans do have a small tear in fly which prevent it from zipping all the way. Zipper can go up 80%. Can be fixes by a tailor easily.
Diesel viker 8fc barely used in size 30 x 30 with original hem, message me if interested
Used diesel zatiny, hem is intact, let me know if interested and can forward pictures
what type of clarks are those
so i love the 8sm zatiny wash except the distressing at the bottom i am not a fan of. Does anybody know if after a wash or ironing does the distressing come off thanks alot
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac what kind of shoes are those
just picked the 8iw in montclair new jersey store they 2 left in size 30x32 and 32x30 and couple of white ones too
judging by the increased amount of thanaz 8iw on ebay doesn;t look like there are any in the store available anymore
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