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also for the winners runway stores... do you know when you saw them? i'm gonna call the one on robson and granville then..
how does the saks F&F work? Can i call in and place my order? Ohh..how i love these jeans..but they really did a bang on the pocket...
I was shopping around in Vancouver @ Fab clothing store and came across these damn beauitful gold sign, i've searched high and low for them - finally found them on Saks website .. was it worth it? Goldsign - Misfit Skinny Jeans - Saks.com i've tried to find it everyhwere online... what do you think?
cece, my friend owns this company..
wow..i agree..i'd like to get one for my man..
just bought these and they're absolutely beautiful but I'm not quite sure how i can wear them! Ohh i'd spend all day looking at them..but really at the price i paid i need to wear them so any ideas? LordAndTaylor.com - Arturo Chiang, Saula
Clear your box pls!! Thanks! trying to reach you...
Does anyone know? i'm looking to buy a pair from a member but i'm not sure how it fits. TIA
i have already started!
i'd say prescriptives custom blend...i love it!
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