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requesting this thread be locked thanks mods
^^thanks for your opinion
anyway my gut is telling me fake, if that helps any?
Rainbow Roths, yes one of the MOST highly faked RR back in the day (has it been almost a decade since these came out?), which is why i need some more opinions on them Sorry its been ages since I've posted here Pictures (lots of them to mull over since even when they first came most of us had a hard time figuring them out)
hi t, they look good to me as always
cool thats what i was thinking too they will look great with a little ballet slipper shoe they are sooooooooo soft and really comfy
Finally I have a pair of these babies I love them though I could've gone with the 34 inseam (these are 32) but hell I wear flats most of the time since I am taller!
depends on the wash MNE runs smaller IMO NYD runs bigger by one size IMO they have 2 washes out there on the market
i just got the MUC (medium urban cowboy) Sammy. they have 2 buttons and are big t. i like them better than the 1 button sammy, there's more "support" at the waistband. the 1 button sammys kind of fold-over with wear (like when you sit a lot) because the waist band is thicker, does that make sense? so the 2 button at least on me gives me a smoother line.
great thread... i am like begret i dont really wear the crap.
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