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yea....my favorite jeans...selling them. Haven't worn them for a long time.......   Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/cb1021/NudiesAndZathan#   you can see the heel hem is a bit worn, perfect for anybody who wears 29" to 30".    Price: $100 + $20 shipping. 
Yea...So the Olas are 28x32, the RRDS are 28x34 (though they are perfect for somebody who wears 30" to 31" length since the rest of the length have been worn off).    Olas are $70   RRDS are $50   Photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/cb1021/NudiesAndZathan#   Shipping will be like $15-$20 from Toronto to the States. 
hmmm i got a lamb skin leather jacket. it'sin good condition, buti want to oil it up and make it super soft. the local dry cleaner asked me for $50 which i do not mind. but she said it takes 2 weeks (have to send out to another professional leahter-only cleaner). also i do not trust them jsut yet.... anyways, long story short. can i do this by myself?? or can somebody explain the professional cleaning process??
my Olas were tight similar to that when i first got em. I could button all the buttons with a bit of force, and my package would be compacted. I've read everywhere that raw stretch so I kept them. Here they are few months later. I saw you should keep those. Sit down with them on if you want the thigh to stretch fast.
haha nice man!
bring the old mall back yo. its the universal, most acceptable format. why you think craigslist is so live, cuz that shit works. no fancy dazzy bullshit, just straight business. and straight up let me just mention again. if you want to generate some revenue, you may be better off making the site completely free getting more hits and members and revenue off ads instead of this membership bullshit to use one of the most popular assets of HF, HF mall.
what the fuck.
those jeans look awesome with the cut and flared with boots.
you want somebody to teach you the course over AIM or something??
Coach Leather Goods
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