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Thanks...the insurance tracking just said that it left chicago and that no further information was available. But once again they don't have a confirmed address so i'm no protected anyways. Als o for the record I didn't lie to my CC companies. I just told them that an internet company that I was no longer comfortable with/ did not trust had my information and it was a concern to me. Which is all very true.
thanks for the advice...i think i'm leaning towards not paying them and going without paypal
I guess I didn't realize that the customs form number also served as a tracking number, however the buyer had an unconfirmed international address so that wouldn't have mattered anyways. I realized those were all stupid decisions on my part...my question is whether it will effect my credit or not if i decide not to pay paypal....if this can effect my credit I will just have to bite the bullet and cough it up... if not...screw paypal
Long story short...made 2 sales on ebay in the last couple of months and they both said they never got them. 1 was to an unconfirmed address in thailand on my girlfriends paypal account and one was in the US on mine. I didn't buy tracking I know better, and I basically decided that I don't care if I can't use their services anymore. I reported my credit cards on file comprised because I know they used to try to just charge your card and so i thought that would be that...
Thanks man..don't know if I've turned many heads yet, but I hope you're right. btw they really are excellent undies. Quote: Originally Posted by Aarendil as soon as I get my slammer 8BK sold I'm gonna buy a 27x32 8BG because that's a daaamn hot grey wash,and I actually love the zippers on this particular wash when I find them 'too much' on my 8BK. really hotass jeans,with a good fit...man you're gonna turn chicks' heads edit:yo you stole...
Thanks guys...they're 29x30
The second of my two newer pairs. Got them a few weeks ago for my b-day actually. Comments welcome!
Quote: Originally Posted by Aarendil size down 1,you'll walk with button fly not completely buttoned but it will stretch,dont worry about that. Nice ass fit already,but my tighter jeans provoke more fat stocking than that so 1 size less is do-able jeez..i was just joking about the size down comments since no matter how tight you wear your jeans someone on here always thinks you need to wear them tighter. This is ther only way I could size...
Got a couple new pairs a few weeks ago and I'm late posting pics!! Slammer 8bg is up next. Comment away. Also be sure a few of you tell me to size down
hah, never heard that term before, but I love it and I love these jeans!!! Quote: Originally Posted by vincevtec awesome! Franken-Diesels rule.
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