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Pm me measurements price for 72l?
Second that if they are still for sale (that i doubt ) pm me
Is inseam actually 30 inches?
Pmd   Crispy Crinckle/8b9/N&F gone and shipped !
I was cleaning my closet and came by these, prices and nice and can be better if bought in package. Thank Pm me for pictures or any questions.     Brand New: Thanaz 72h 31x34 $90 Waist : 17.25 Front rise : 10.25 Back rise: 13.5 Thigh : 10.75 knee: 7.5 Hem : 7 Inseam: 35 Thanaz 8b5_stretch 30x32 $90 Waist : 16.5 Front rise : 10 Back rise: 13.5 Thigh : 10.5 knee: 7.5 Hem : 7 Inseam: 32.75   Juicy Couture Size 30  $40 Waist: 15 Thigh :...
I will take pics for anyone interested, I can put my name/etc and I have feedback here. I'm just selling them because they have been sitting in my closet for a couple months now. Thin Finn Organic ecru 29x34 $50 (cleaning lady put them in the dryer, thus why they are so small) Waist: 14.6 Thigh : 9.25-9.5 knee: 6.8 Hem : 6.25 Inseam: 32.75 Thin Finn Crispy Crinkle 29x34 SOLD Waist: 15 Thigh : 9.75 knee: 6.8 Hem : 6.5 Inseam: 32.5 longer due...
Fits are good on all of them , but please return the shoes !   Oh and I've never understood why people say that spandex makes jeans (permanently) stretch, in faq it helps them keep their shape.
Excess are overall slimmer than thanaz. They fit a LOT better but waist is smaller (good thing imo) if your thanaz barely fits (waist specially) maybe you've need to size up.
People often buy them somewere else since diesel online store is usually the last place they go on sale .
Post pics of them w/o a lot of light to see the surface/treatment of the denim
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