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OK or these:
^incredibly soft leather
what do you think of this pair ?
Jacket - Fake, Shirt - Fake avoid this guy... looking for original, check out my stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by Dsquared83 Look and quality of jeans in Dsquared and Diesel denim gallery jeans are very similar. That's way I have asked that quastion. Staff International produces Dsquared and denim gallery jeans. Yes, Staff International produces D2, DDG and other brands, but ordinary Diesel, it is not the same as DDG... simple
Diesel is the owner of the Staff International, but the Staff does not produce Diesel Jeans !!! The answer to your question... NO !
I will know in two days, if you want to buy NWT...
no obsession ...cool clothes, only that
Efron always looks great
thanks zdenal. Probably sell it ... size 27
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